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Welcome friend.

Even though this is my blog, I have already determined that here I will only write about tech subjects. I cannot promise I will keep the writings strictly prosaic, but I want the content to be appealing to the usual web aficionado. Still this post might be the exception, since I am not going to cover any subject other than celebrating the lauching of

Some acknowledgment is due to @ralsina who created Nikola, as well as to all the contributing community. If you have not noticed, Nikola is what I am presently using to run this blog. I would roughly describe it simply as jekyll in python. It is a static site generator, supporting both mako and jinja templates with all the goodies you would expect (themable, extendable, Disqus or Facebook comments integration, clean and concise documentation, simple and straightforward CLI, generators for Markdown and reStructuredText, code blocks with syntax highlighting, among other things). I will keep this topic open for as long as the try out goes.

That is all for now. Cheers.


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