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The Batman Joke

A few weeks ago I went back to meddling with SVG. I was playing with Snap and its animation capabilities when I decided to produce a very short animation of the Batman joke. After some good fun, this pen came out.

As happy as I was with with the outcome of that, I was far from expecting it to make it to the Picked Pens of the day. But it did!

The batman joke made it to the Picked Pens!

A big thank you to the codepen community!

PS: The code for this animation is also available on github!

The Modifier Pattern

Designing my own fantasy CCG - Collectible Card Game - was something that had been on my mind for a while. I would find myself regularly going back to that idea, wondering about both game mechanics and implementation details. Personally I must say it is a complete delight for me to engage in game development. The kind of genuine joy it brings me is indescribable.

And so there I was, last December, at the airport of Madrid, patiently waiting for my late fligth to Lisbon, when suddenly this idea came back to me. Alone in the terminal, I started sketching the founding mechanics of my game as well as prototyping its basic entities. When I left Barajas I already had a very basic engine working.

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Is jQuery really doomed?

Last week I wrote about a little tool I had developed for client-side content internationalization, and at some point I mentioned a certain opinion being formed lately, among some front-end developers, accounting jQuery to be living on borrowed time, until ES6 takes the big stage.

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RLayout - A classic revamped

If you have worked in the corporate webapp industry then you have come accross this 'L' shaped layout, with a top navbar and a side menu. You probably remember the navbar containing (way) too many entries (can call it portals in old lingo), and you probably still get the chills everytime you remember how extensive and overly complex those side menu trees could get.

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